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Price list restaurant

Price list restaurant
We cook only with home made products

A whole banitsa with home-made eggs and home-made yoghurt
Domestic yogurt jar / on request /
breakfast in the morning or afternoon:
Sweets / honeycombs pcs
cats with a jam jar
Fried slices of ham with jam / honey or cheese and boiled egg
fried slices with jam jar pcs
Fried fillet pcs
Chicken soup for hangover
Panagyria eggs
Fried eggs
Scrambled eggs
Toasted slices pcs
Princess with cheese / cheese / sausage pcs
Boiled egg
Meckies with homemade jam and cheese
Home Cow Cheeses (kg)
Domestic milk (jar)
Caramel custard
dinner and dinner
Kebab, meatballs
St / Chicken steak
Trout with garnish tomatoes and cucumbers
Beans in a pot – it’s unique! You will lick your fingers !!!!
French fries
Fried potatoes with cheese
kg fried potatoes
kg fried potatoes with cheese
Boiled potatoes salad / on request /
Salad Shoppa
Salad cabbage and carrots
Salad with red peppers
Cana of homemade wine
Coal sack
Enjoy 🙂
All dishes are made with local and homemade products
All dishes are cooked by the hosts and are homemade

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