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Villa Girgina

Villa Girgina was built in 1896. by two brothers. In 2006 was acquired by a new owner, who invests all his energy in restoring it and adapting it to modern life – the manger is transformed into a tavern with a fireplace, and the common room with pomegranates and jamal is transformed into bedrooms with bathroom and toilet.
Restored in the Revival style with a slight touch of modern, when you go inside from everywhere they exude a cozy atmosphere and aroma of wood. The silence around is magical.

Guest house with authenticity and tranquility 10 km from Veliko Tarnovo with private pool and private beach

The serenity that floats in the air is felt as soon as you cross the threshold of the wooden gate.
Villa Girgina has 4 bedrooms, each furnished and decorated in an individual style and very cozy, and 2 bathrooms with toilets, which are used to the number of rooms to be rented. The tavern on the first floor has a separate toilet. The rooms can accommodate from two to four people, be it adults or families with children. For the little ones, Villa Girgina has 2 baby cots with special orthopedic baby mattresses by Happy Dreams.
The bedrooms have air conditioning.

Изглед от терасата
Изглед от терасата

Villa Girgina accepts pets that can run around the yard. However, pets are not allowed on the sleeping floor.

On the first floor of Villa Girgina there is a tavern that can accommodate up to 20 people with a common kitchen for all guests – fully equipped to prepare delicious meals. For our guests there is a dispenser for drinking water purified by reverse osmosis and activated carbon.

We have also thought about the little ones: a safe cot full of baby toys, suitable for children up to 3 years old, and a children’s playground for the older ones. In case you want to take your teen on vacation, we have excellent internet connection, TV and animation channels, and opportunities for paid entertainment, such as horseback riding, cycling, extreme walks to the monasteries in the area, directions for extremely beautiful and romantic eco trails and other entertainment. And as we said romance… .one of the rooms of Villa Girgina is specially equipped for romantic dinners by the fireplace with homemade wine…
Villa Girgina is waiting for you.

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